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Cora Thayer Prescott is Lucky and Julian's bossy aunt. She is the older sister of Lucky's father, Jim Prescott.


Cora has a fair complexion, with blonde hair styled into a bun, light blue eyes, and light skin. Her regular outfit consists of white pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, an off white long-sleeved shirt, a long puce colored skirt with a belt, and brown boots.


Cora shows protectiveness of Lucky and in particular a design to raise Lucky with the manners and poise befitting a lady of her era. Cora is very proper, and never hesitates to teach manners, since she is used to living a high-class life in the city.[1]

Cora's stubbornness lightened somewhat when she took on Clancy, a farm animal, as a house pet.[2]

Cora showed a heroic side by saving Lucky from a vicious mountain lion.[3] Just prior, with encouragement from the PALs, she opened up to an attempt at practicing horse-riding, having fell off a horse as a little girl.[3]

Cora plays piano.[4]


When Cora's father, James Prescott Sr., came to visit the Prescott house in Miradero, Cora determined to show him that she had maintained the household as "a beacon of civilization in a vast wilderness of vulgarity." She encouraged Lucky and her friends to be on their best behavior for him. Things slowly get out of hand, however, and the elder Prescott expressed disappointment in his daughter Cora that that she failed to teach Lucky proper manners. Having doubt in herself, Cora moved out of the house to live in the inn.[5]

Cora never met Lucky's mother Milagro Navarro.[6]

When Julian came to stay at the Prescott house, he made it look like he was a good child but Lucky was bad. Cora was very foolish, naive and gullible and thought that Julian was telling the truth. When it was revealed that Julian was actually the bad one, Cora yelled at him and punished him, then apologized to Lucky for being so stupid and idiotic.


  • "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were fruits and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas." [Expressing exasperation with Pru's nervousness about singing at the fiesta][4]
  • "This is more adventure than I bargained for."

Behind the scenes

Aunt Cora is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.