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Julian Prescott is Lucky's older city-dwelling cousin, nephew to Jim Prescott and Aunt Cora, who occasionally visits the Prescott family in Miradero. Julian has a predilection for conning and scamming Lucky and her friends, causing Lucky to be perpetually suspicious of Julian's motives, despite Julian's continual protest that he has turned over a new leaf.


When Lucky was twelve years old and Julian was fourteen, he stayed with the Prescotts for a month in autumn after he was kicked out of boarding school and while waiting to be admitted to a new boarding school. On this visit, Julian destroyed Jim's handcar when he employed it as a makeshift roller-coaster for Lucky's friends at an abandoned area of a train track with a steep dip. Later that same stay, Julian and his team lost Turo's midnight Harvest Hunt to the girls' team, and as a consequence had to kiss the donkey Señor Carrots.

On another visit, Julian took over and organized the PALs' gold-mining operation, recruiting Lucky's schoolmates as manual labor, until it was revealed that the gold was actually pyrite.[1]

While at boarding school, Julian enlisted Lucky's help getting into a secret society called the Scoundrels. Together, they attempted to scam the society's pledge master, Calvin, and another pledge, Pete, by staging a phony heist at Lucky's house. When the scam went awry, Julian confessed, but Calvin was so impressed by Julian's "true Scoundrel move" that Julian was admitted to the society.[2]

At his Uncle Jim's wedding in Miradero, Julian tried to charge local children for rides in the wedding carriage, but Lucky put a stop to this scheme.[3]

He refers to Lucky as "RF", for "Rabbit Foot".[4]

Abigail and Julian like each other until he insulted her horse, Boomerang, by implying that another horse might pull the roller coaster better.[4] Maricela switched her affections from Javier to Julian for the event of Turo's Harvest Hunt, however this ended after the end of the episode, where she apparently lost interest (mainly due to the fact that she was only trying to make Javier jealous). This is also escalated by the fact that she is currently dating Turo. Snips also admires Julian.[4]

Despite being Lucky’s cousin and is therefore in the Prescott Family, it was never confirmed how he was related directly. His father is mentioned several times, although neither Cora nor Jim seem to have another sibling. Lucky has also never referred to Julian’s father as her uncle, so it is possible that Julian’s father may be another relative or a cousin of Jim and Cora, which would mean Julian is Lucky’s second cousin.

Past scams

  • When Lucky was little, Julian told Lucky he would take her to an aquarium. Lucky paid a nickel to see a rubber duck in a bathtub. Lucky jumped right in.[4]
  • Julian took Lucky to a "circus" that was actually just a stray cat, "Nibbles", in an alley, that bit Lucky.
  • Julian took Lucky's money for a Zeppelin that he never delivered.
  • The last time Lucky saw Julian, a year prior to his first visit to the Prescott household in Miradero, he bet her whole class he could swallow a bird. They all give him their allowances to watch him eat roast chicken.[4]


  • "And now we're going to hold fun in it. Who wants to fly up and down that hill so fast, it'll feel like your head's not connected to your body?!"[4]
  • "I have a mountain of chores as high as the skies." [Making an excuse][4]

Lucky: "Yeah, looks like those chores are really keeping you busy."
Julian: "Can't a kid take a break, bossy?"
Lucky: "I'm not being bossy!"[4]

  • "Come on, Jay, we're done here!" (Nicknaming Javier)[5]

Behind the scenes

Julian is voiced by Lucas Gabreel.