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The following is a list for minor characters in Spirit Riding Free.



Amelia is the third person to greet Pru at Farmbrook Arena, passing her after meeting Charlie. Amelia refers to Pru as "Granger!" (by surname).



Camilo is Saheir's horse from Spirit Riding Academy.

Chance the Trotter


Chance the Trotter (or simply Chance) is Tyler's horse at Rosemead Valley's racetrack who appears in both parts 1 and 2 of Lucky and The Race to the Finish.


Charlie is the second person to greet Pru at Farmbrook Arena.



Duke is the horse that Rose Pendleton rides.


Dusty is a horse owned by Jack at the Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy.

Eleanor Kimble


Eleanor Kimble is a girl who appears in Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy, "Lucky and the Rival Racer". She is the anchor of the racing team. Her horse is Beans. She uses a wheelchair when not mounted on horseback.



Foxy is a fox that Abby saves in part one of Race to the Finish.

Frankie LePray

Frankie LePray is the younger sister of Butch LePray. She appears in Spirit Riding Free Ride Along Adventure.


Fred is the rider for Quinn.

Freightcar Franny

Freightcar Franny is a "daring heroine" whom Lucky intends to write,[1] evidently inspired by Lucky's own favorite literary creation, Boxcar Bonnie.



Gertie is a girl in Lucky and the Endless Possibilities who shouts out to Lucky's aunt that she wants to be a banker. Her name is shown on the board designated as a banker.


Ginger is a horse at Rosemead Valley's racetrack that was mentioned by Lucky in both parts 1 and 2 of Lucky and The Race to the Finish.


Hoppy is one of the rabbits owned by Abby.



Jane is a red-haired book-keeper who Lucky meets.


Jasper is a student in Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy. Maricella mentions him in Palentine's Day saying he's too tall to be her dance partner.



Judy (possibly Judy Lin Yang) is the mother of Ursula Lin Yang, featured in "The Palomino Family Affair".


Chocolate a she owned by Mister Krumholt.png

Mr. Krumholt is the owner of Chocolate.



Liberty is a horse owned by Alex.



Liliana is a student at Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy. During her first apperance, she becomes friende with Lucky Prescott and witnesses her circus ability that she had heard about.

Liliana become friends with Lucky first of the PALs and give her a box with chocolate as friendly start. Liliana also shows up at the PALs beach party, there she witnesses the PALs help each other to extinguish a fire and during Dr. Cope's first veterinary lesson.


Lionel is the name Cope gave to one of the rabbits, which resembles the name of her horse Lyon.



Lou is Ramona's boss.



Lyon is Dr. Annalisa Cope's horse which she named after the first veterinary college in France. Lyon appears in Lucky and The Welcome Back Otter and in Lucky and The Back to the Starting Line.



Mabel is a girl that Abigail greets in "The Neighs Have It". Mabel is being treated by Ursula of the BUDs as a suspect in the sugarcube theft, however Abigail discerns she was absent at the time of theft due to visiting her grandmother to receive a scarf.


Marbles is Daphne's horse. Daphne is a part of the BUDs in Riding Academy and some parts of "Pony Tales". Daphne rode Marbles in one of the "PALs vs. BUDs" races and switched the road sign. The PALs went on the wrong road, including Daphne who was on Boomerang's back, pretending to have a broken ankle. Daphne fell down the steep land, and apples fell down from her clutch-bag. The PALs realised her ankle was fine, and Daphne ran away and blew her instrument. That was a signal for the BUDs to come in-case of an emergency. Marbles ran to Daphne, but didn't rescue her, and only bent down to munch on a fallen apple. Mud was rising, and Daphne was drowning. Then the PALs rescued her, but even after that, she continued to ride Marbles.



Meatball is a horse in Riding Academy owned by Beef.


Pibbl is the horse Sue Archer rides in "Lucky and the Dressage Sabotage".

Pudgy Parrot

Pudgy Parrot is a parrot kept by Cope in "Welcome Back Otter". The parrot was initially called Mr. or Mrs. Parrot by Abigail, not knowing the gender of the parrot. "Pudgy", the parrot's real name, is revealed later when Lucky and Pru walk in on Cope talking to it before draping a cloth over the cage.


Quinn is Fred's horse and appears in the same episodes.


Ralphie is the third rabbit owned by Abby.



Ramona is introduced in Race to the Finish part 1, taking care of the horse Chocolate for Mr. Krumholt. She works for Lou.


Rosie is one of the rabbits owned by Abby.



Sarge is the horse belonging to Bebe Sterlington, probably named after her father Sergeant Jack Schumann.


This is my horse SCOOPS.png

Scoops is Lydia Jane Sterling's horse.

Sinead O'Shaughnessy


Sinead O'Shaughnessy appears in "Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy", introducing her horse Blarney.

Sue Archer

Sue Archer and her horse Pibbl are shown in "Lucky and the Dressage Sabotage". Pru cheers for them at the start.

Sullivan Lee

Sullivan Lee is a rider seen with Tyler.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lilly is a horse in Spirit : Riding Free, "Riding Academy. She belongs to Priya Kapoor who is friends with Lucky.



Thunder was the wild horse who belonged to Ms. McDonnell when she was Lucky's age (twelve).

He is shown in a photo during Long Way Home since he died eleven years prior.



Tomahawk is a horse that is said to be the fastest horse Al Granger ever caught.


Tugaboo is a character from the TV and book series "Spirit: Riding Free". She belongs to Samuel's daughters Bianca and Mary-Pat. They both ride the horse together, Mary-Pat on the front, Bianca at the back.

Victor Andrews

Victor Andrews is a boy that Lyds mentions and waves to in the episode "Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy". He waves back to her.


Audrey Brown

Audrey Brown is a rider who owns a horse named Tenderhoof.

Auntie Peg

Auntie Peg is mentioned by Grayson who is his aunt living in Pine Forks. Grayson describes her as being "sweet" and "old".[2]

Bebe Sterlington

Bebe Sterlington was one of Lucky's city friends. Bebe's aunt was terrified of swans, so she consulted a doctor, who said the best way for her to conquer her fear was to expose her to them. The therapy cured the aunt's fear of swans, but Bebe's aunt came to be afraid of doctors.[3]

Doc Wilkins

"Doc" Wilkins is Miradero's town doctor. Doc Wilkins was slated to sing at the town's annual fiesta but fell ill and delegated the honor to Pru Granger.[4]

Doc Wilkins treated an outbreak of the Frontier flu in Miradero and contracted the infection in the process. He was nevertheless still able to help an injured JP & Sons Railroad train engineer brought to his house by First Daughter Maricela during a blizzard.[5]

Don Trujillo

Don Trujillo was the wealthiest man in San Jorge, the Mexican town where Lucky's mother, Milagro Navarro, grew up. Milagro's charms caught Don Trujillo's eye, and he was determined to have her hand in marriage on her 16th birthday, despite Milagro's disinterest in him. When she escaped with the help of her horse Equuleus, his two henchmen pursued her across the frontier, but she eluded them and joined El Circo Dos Grillos.[6] What became of him is unknown.

Eliza Eaton

Eliza Eaton is a former horse breeder. She has at some point in life become paralyzed in her legs or waist so she sits in a wheel-chair. At some point, she decided to find new homes for her horses, so she could move away to live with her son. Her most famous horse was her golden beauty Mystery who she described as very fastidious and noble and took first prize already as a foal. Mystery ran away before Eliza could find a buyer, but was later brought back to her by the PALs there, Eliza was impressed to see how quick Mystery had bound to Maricela and let Maricela keep Mystery. Eliza then left to travel to her son.

Judge Grayson

Judge Merle Grayson is the deceased father of Harlan Grayson.Judge Grayson was killed years prior to the events of Spirit Riding Free by an escaping Butch LePray.[7]

Mrs. Gutierrez

Juliana Gutierrez is the wife of Mayor Gutierrez and mother of Maricela. She lives with her family in a handsome brick house on Miradero's cross-street, directly across from the ramada, and very near the town hall, where her husband works.

Although not yet depicted on the show, Mrs. Guttierez has been featured in the spin-off books Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins and Spirit Riding Free: Lucky and the Mustangs of Miradero, wherein she is depicted as stuck-up and not particularly empathetic.

Muffy St. Donald

Muffy St. Donald was one of Lucky's city friends, who, like Lucky herself and many of Lucky's city friends, evidently came from a wealthy family. Lucky once attended her birthday party hosted on a riverboat cruise with singers, dancers, and a man on stilts who did the tango.[8]


Oliver is Cousin Julian's younger brother.[9] His former fear of horses nearly caused him to meet his doom until the PALs came and saved him. He eventually overcame his fear of horses, with help from the gang.

Ruthie Wadsworth

Ruthie Wadsworth was one of Lucky's city friends, who, like Lucky herself and many of Lucky's city friends, evidently came from a wealthy family. Lucky once attended her birthday party, which had models in bathing suits who jumped into a big pool.[8]


Sarah is a student that Lucky mentions to Pru in "Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy", saying the cookies Lucky shared with Pru were given to Lucky by Sarah.

Sister Ignacia Boniface

Sister Ignacia Boniface is a nun who helped raise Kate Flores in the orphanage. She and Sister Nazaria were the only family Kate ever had. Kate desired to invite them to her wedding with Jim Prescott, but the invitation was returned undeliverable.[10] Neither nun attended the wedding.[7]

Sister Nazaria

Sister Nazaria is a nun who helped raise Kate Flores in the orphanage. She and Sister Ignacia Boniface were the only family Kate ever had. Kate desired to invite them to her wedding with Jim Prescott, but the invitation was returned undeliverable.[10] Neither nun attended the wedding.[7]