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The Foals are the secondary characters in the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'.


The Foals are brown with a beige spot on the head, small mane, brown eyes.


All the Foals are mischievous.


The Foals were born before the film began and look like orphans. They are first seen playing together until the Cougar appears. When Cougar appears, the Foals run back to the pack, but the first one trips and falls. The Cougar prepares to attack the small animal out of fear, but Spirit appears and saves them from the Puma's clutches.

After Cougar, the Foals and the gang congratulate Spirit on what he's done. At night, they were seen biting each other's ears, but Spirit came and stopped the little children's joke and they both smiled, but Spirit didn't and then went to sleep when Spirit left, one of them wakes up and prepares to bite the child's ear, but Spirit reappears and the foal falls asleep.

That morning, when Spirit returns from the hunters' camp, the Colts, Esperanza, and the pack wake up and are happy to see them again.

Spirit hears the hunters coming and tells the pack to flee. In the end Spirit and rain back to the herd and the foals welcome with open arms