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The following timeline provides a chronology of events shown or implied in Spirit Riding Free. Although very few date cues are given in the show, certain events help map the year:

  • Holidays and observances such as Christmas, Halloween, harvest celebrations, and birthdays can only come at certain dates annually.
  • Weather, and snowfall in particular, is indicative of the season.
  • Since a school recess is observed during the summer, scenes in the classroom indicate either that summer has not yet started or that it is over.
  • A thirty-day calendar page is shown in "Lucky and the Patchwork Plan", indicating that the events of that episode likely take place in June.
  • Circus posters for El Circo Dos Grillos seen in "Lucky and Her New Family Part 1" and "Lucky and the Big Goodbye" give dates.
  • The assumption is made that all of the episodes are presented in chronological order, which is evidenced by the sequence progression of various developments and relationships as well as references to the happenings of prior episodes.

Long ago

  • The events of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron occur.

Thirteen years before start of show

  • Emma is born in the city.

Twelve years before start of show

Eleven years before start of show

Ten years before start of show

  • Milagro dies.
  • Lucky and her remaining family move to the city.

Six years before start of show

First spring

First summer

First autumn

First winter

  • Mountain blizzard train delay / Christmas
  • Snips swallows the drum major's whistle in the New Year's Eve parade (December 31st)
  • Pru and Chica Linda take gold in the Penna Junior Classic horse riding competition (January 2nd)
  • Frontier flu outbreak / Miradero blizzard

Second spring

Second summer

Second autumn

Second winter

  • PALs escape dust storm and become Frontier Fillies
  • Lucky and Javier kiss on New Year's (January first)

Third spring

Third summer

Third autumn

Third winter

  • Lucky does chores at Doc Wilkins's, Grayson's and Althea's to earn money for a present
  • Lucky and her friends return to the city
  • Lucky meets Sally Jessup (Christmas Eve)
  • The PALs save passengers on crashed train, and return to Miradero
  • Sally Jessup holds her first concert in Miradero (Christmas Day)

Fourth spring

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Fourth summer

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