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Willow is an older mare in Esperanza.


Willow is dapple grey all over with a dark grey mane and a scar going across the left side of her face, she is getting a little grey on her face. She also has dark stockings and a dark nose marking on her muzzle.


Willow is an old mare with no mate currently, but when she was a young filly she had a crush named Oak. He had to run the herd at a young age with Willow by his side he was only two when he started running the herd and not yet full-grown but an older stallion, seeing a chance to take over the herd, fought Oak and the intruder mercilessly killed him right there in front of Willow. Willow charged the stallion and ended up with a deep scar on her face. She ended up escaping and joining another herd as a lower rank, lost her spirit and is still mourning her true mate.